LegaC recruitment

How LegaC can build a strong workforce

If you need assistance getting your workforce back on track, LegaC is here to help! With our fine-tuned selection strategies LegaC will source capable candidates that will fit…

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Recruit Efficiently with Recruitment Services

Your staff are the most valuable resource in your business, so make sure you get the best is of the utmost importance. But you are running a business,…

LegaC temporary employment services

Temporary Employment Services for Seasonal Periods FAQ

When do I need temporary services? Seasonal temporary employment services are popular because there is usually limited staff at this time who cannot take on the workload alone….

LegaC management

The Benefits of Professional Payroll Management

    One of the biggest hassles at the end of every month is managing the payroll, making sure that everybody gets paid correctly, and dealing with endless…

LegaC IR

The Importance of Industrial Relations

  What does Industrial Relations mean? Industrial Relations is the managing of working relationships. Industrial refers to employees and working individuals who can be described as industrious. Relations…